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Framed collection 框景系列

Photo frames have been around probably since 2nd Century AD. With the popularity of digital photography, printed photographs are less commonly seen. Lucky for the frame manufacturers, society have come up with many different ways to use photo frames.  These pieces of joined wood or plastic have given the creative community an affordable way to showcase their art, be it drawings or handicrafts. 


My frames and backings are custom build to house each knot. This process takes many days to complete, and you will be hard-pressed to find it elsewhere. Perfect as gifts for a house-warming or to thank the host-hostess for their hospitality. Add it in festive or congratulatory hampers for the WOW-factor.

Family name (19-NME)

from $ 38.00


Our family name is one of the most important legacy from our ancestors, and something that will be passed down to future generations.

In recorded Chinese history, there are more than 4000 different surnames, but only around 100 are commonly found nowadays. In Singapore, the 3 most common surnames are Tan 陈, Lim 林 and Lee 李.

The Four Gentlemen Flora (17-FFG)

from $ 68.00

花中四君子:梅兰竹菊, 傲幽澹逸

The Four Gentlemen of Chinese Flora language:

1. Plum blossom - dark red satin rope, brocade knot

2. Orchid - light & dark purple satin rope, brocade knot & heart-love knot

3. Bamboo - light & dark green satin rope, clover knot & cross knot

4. Chrysanthemum - dark orange satin rope, 8-loop lucky knot

Note: This product is only made upon order.

Blessings (17-FBL)

$ 38.00

Blessings. This Chinese word is widely used during the Chinese New Year. Whether as a decoration for the house or on red-packets for the children, we Chinese believe that an abundance of such words represents well-wishes for the coming years for ourselves, our family and our friends.

Longevity (17-FLG)

$ 38.00


Longevity. This Chinese word is used on the birthdays of elder family members and friends, wishing them a long and healthy life. The recipient would certainly place it at a prominent place in his/her home, so that your well-wishes can be seen and felt for many years to come. 

Logo (17-LOGO)

from $ 38.00


Most business logos are crafted in hard materials like metal, wood or concrete. Why not commission a fabric one using knotted techniques? Place it indoors at the reception. It gives your business a softer, more human touch.

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