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My NAFA journey

I had always wanted to study visual arts. In November 2017, I finally took the plunge and signed up for a 6- month part-time Visual Merchandising course with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

So on 3 January 2018, I sat behind a desk as a student, and it seems like it's the first time in 30 years ! Though I had never really left the MOE school system, I have always been the teacher/trainer. I had attended workshops or job trainings, but those did not evoke the same feelings. I found that being with classmates half my age is daunting and intimidating. Having to follow rather than lead the lesson seems a different experience altogether. I hope that by sharing my assignments, it can act as a record and as an avenue to better understand me and my passions.

One more item ticked off my bucket list ! Perhaps one day, these drawings will become a reality. 

Wearable Craft is a store specialising in bringing the ancient craft of knotting into the 21 Century.


With bold and innovative designs that bring new life into the original techniques of knot tying, this concept store aims to preserve and popularise the tradition of handmade knots.

Incorporating the cultures of Chinese knots, Celtic knots, Korean knots and Japanese knots, each product is carefully designed to bring out the beauty of the knots. Finishings and embelllishments like crystals are just icing on the cake. By showcasing different ways of using decorative knots, customers can extend the life of their purchases by learning how to re-purpose a well-loved knot.


In the foreseeable future, the store hopes to go beyond retail. Customers can also learn to make simple knots into accessories, combine different types of knots into a new design, explore the use of different types of materials, and possibily, sell their creations in the retail section.

Interactive Mirror​


See how our products complement your outfit. Select multiple products from our Touch Screen Interactive Mirror and place them on your image. Deck yourself from top to toe ! 

Bring your friends. No limits, no costs, so have fun and let your imagination soar !


User guide


1. Stand at the position guide in front of the IM.

2. Touch your finger on the menu options shown on screen to choose a category.

3. Press your finger on the picture of desired product shown on screen and move your finger along the screen to place the picture on your image.

4. Repeat step-3 if desired.

5. Touch the [BACK] option for a new category, and repeat from step-2.


Need more help ? Just ask our friendly staff.

My name is Ai Geok and I am a crafter cum trainer specialising in knots.


Having gotten very positive feedback about my creations, I decided to expand a hobby of 30 years into a small business. I couldn't find any pure knots accessories either in shops or online because nobody wants to wear a CNY decoration!


I soon realise that many people underestimate the time & effort needed, so I branch into training. And now, I get to design my own shop!


This first scene is viewed from the entrance. The retail area of the shop is divided into 4 main sections. The centre divider is the Feature section, where I can showcase products based on a theme, eg colour, festival, event, etc. On the wall behind the cashier point is my signboard where the name of my company is made entirely with knots.

This section is about YOU, about being nice to yourself. My unique selling point: knots accessories with modern & creative designs that are customisable to your needs. A classic example is the alphabet series, which took me half a year to design & craft.

This next section is titled HOME. It aims to show how knots craft can have practical uses around the house. I create framed scenes for displays that can be admired all year round.

Other than CNY, Chinese knots are also traditionally associated with WEDDINGS. From the various gowns that a bride may wear, to the theme of the banquet. From bouquet trailer, napkin rings to wedding favors. With appropriate applications of knots, your big day can be memorable not just to you, but your guests as well.

I hope to embrace innovation without losing tradition. My dreams motivate me. I hope yours do, too.

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