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City in a Garden

City in a Garden
Chi-webhead GardenCity.png

The stories behind the designs.


When I was first asked to create a embroidery hoop design showcasing my knots craft for Maker Faire Singapore, the general design concept almost immediately came to mind. However, it took me nearly a month before I finalise the design for the moon and stars, and two months before I found the perfect fabric backing.


Can you recognise the various elements in my design ?

  1. The crescent moon and 5 stars  (Heart-love knot)

  2. The red heart

  3. The flowers and butterfly (Brocade knot, Coin knot, Twirl knot)

  4. The twin dragons 

  5. The Chinese character for good fortune

Taken together, this is the little country that I call home. I am proud to be a born and bred Singaporean.

May our flag always fly high above our beloved garden city, where mythical guardians safeguard our hard-earned prosperity. 

Chi-webhead GardenDesign.png

The story about the garden that is Singapore is not complete without a mention of our National Flower - Orchid.

My creation is based on the Dendrobium species, which has a relatively easy shape to mimic. (Heart-love knot, Clover knot)

Chi-webhead GardenOrchid.png
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