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Science or Art

Knots have been around since the beginning of man. Is it a art form or is there a scientific theory to it?

What do you think?

Below are some thoughts and theories adapted from various sources.

The Beauty of Knots (2).jpg

Knot-Art (Carlo H. Séquin, The Beauty of knots). Art Encyclopedia.

Knot Theory (Isotopy).jpg

Isotopy ( Whitney Sherman, Knot Theory). Art Encyclopedia.

Khipu Inca culture.jpg

Khipu / Quipu, in the Museo Machu Picchu, Casa Concha, Cusco. Wikipedia.

Definition and Meaning

The term "craft" denotes a skill, usually employed in branches of the decorative arts (eg. ceramics), or in an associated artistic practice (eg. lace-making). A key feature of crafts is that they involve a high degree of "hands-on" craftsmanship (hence the colloquial term "handicrafts) rather than just skill with a machine.

Types of Craft


Appliqué, Crocheting, Embroidery, Felt-making, Knitting, Lace-making, Macramé, Quilting, Tapestry, Weaving.


Wood-carving, Wood-turning, Furniture making, Lacquerware.


Paper Modelling, Collage, Decoupage, Origami paper folding, Papier-mâché.

Pottery and Glass

Ceramics, Mosaic Art, Glass Bead-making, Glass Blowing, Glass Etching



embossing, engraving, enamelling, granulation and filigree decoration. 



Basket weaving, Beer-making, Book-binding, Doll-making, Ikebana, Knife-making (cutler),

Leather-work, Toy-making, Jewellery

Why Crafts Are So Important

The fundamental value of crafts lies in their opposition to mass-production methods. We need the latter in order to produce items cheaply and quickly, but unless we want to become people who know the price of everything but the value of nothing, we also need the aesthetic benefits which come from individually designed items - such as a hand-made scarf, a beautiful chair, carpet or dish. A society without beauty is soulless, as George Orwell has vividly described in works like "1984". Promoting crafts is one way to retain the type of artistic skills needed to make life more visually pleasurable. If you want a graphic illustration of the power and theraputic benefits to be gained from more visually pleasant surroundings, visit your local hospital, school, or town hall and look around you. If the building is depressing and drab, chances are it's because it has an uninspiring design and boring colours with no touches of visual beauty. On the other hand, if it has a cheerful air, chances are it's because it has a more individual design and probably lots of colour. The same goes for your workplace and home. The fact is, living in a beautified environment with a certain amount of individuality and beautiful objects, adds immeasurably to our enjoyment of life. Crafts and craft skills are important contributors to this ideal, and for this reason alone are worth preserving.

*adapted from Art Encyclopedia

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