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For YOU and YOURS 

Wear a piece of ancient art craft with a modern twist. 

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Butterfly collection
Alphabet collection
Bouquet collection
Brocade butterfly
Butterfly collection ​彩蝶系列

The Butterfly collection comprises of a series of symmetrical and asymmetrical knots, shaped into the likeness of butterflies in flight or at rest. My inspirations came from encounters with these beautiful creatures as I move around my HDB estate. So the next time you go out, look at your surroundings instead of your phone. You will be pleasantly surprised by it's beauty.

Brocade Butterfly Blue3 (18-BB3)

$ 23.00 each, $42.00 per pair

- symmetrical wings, view in flight 
- triple tone blue satin rope
- 8-loop brocade knot (x1), clover knot (x2), twirl knot (x2)
- symmetrical
- swarovski crystal beads (x2), metal seed bead (x2)
- size approx L(7cm) x W(6cm)

Brocade Butterfly Purple3 (18-BB1)

$ 23.00 each, $42.00 per pair

- uneven sized wings, view in flight
- triple tone purple satin rope
- 8-loop brocade knot (x1), double coin knot (x4), 8-knot (x2)
- asymmetrical
- swarovski crystal beads (x3)
- size approx L(11.5cm) x W(5cm)

Brocade Butterfly Brown3 (18-BB2)

$ 23.00 each, $42.00 per pair

- single wing, view at rest 
- triple tone brown satin rope
- 8-loop brocade knot (x1), clover knot (x1), double coin knot (x1), twirl knot (x1)
- asymmetrical
- artificial pearl beads (x3)
- size approx L(9cm) x W(4.5cm)

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Alphabet collection ​英文字母系列

The 26 letters of the alphabets are some of the most timeless and versatile choices as gifts or for personal use.


My Clover series of alphabets uses between 7 to 13 interconnected clover knots, all made with a single strand of rope. Some are relatively straightforward, like the letter 'C' which is made with 7 knots. Some are quite complex, like the letter "K", which took me 3 hours to get it right when I first tried to make one!

My Morse code series of alphabets adopts the WWI telecommunication character encoding scheme where text characters are represented by standardised sequences of dots and dashes. You get to put your personal stamp on things without letting the whole world know. Worry knot, it's a secret!

Alphabet (18-AZC)

from $ 28.00

- 3-in-1 finishings include mini-lanyard with lobster clasp, brooch-pin and pendant bail
- rainbow tone satin rope
- clover knot (x7 to x13)
- asymmetrical
- swarovski crystal beads (x2)
- size of knots between 3 x 4 cm to 4 x 5.5 cm
- wood backing 4 x 4 cm

Based on complexity and difficulty:

Level 1 @ $28 each - C, D, I, J, L, O, Q, S, T, U, V, Y, Z

Level 2 @ $35 each - A, B, E, F, G, H, K, M, N, P, R, W, X

Morse knots (19-AZM)

from $9.00

- finishings include bracelet, necklace, earrings, key holder
- satin rope
- button (dot) and twirl (dash) knots
- asymmetrical
- sizes button (0.8 x 0.8cm), twirl (0.5 x 1.5cm)


At $3 per knot, refer to Morse code table for number of knots for each alphabet.

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Brocade bouquet
Bouquet collection 花束系列

The Bouquet collection comprises of a series of symmetrical and asymmetrical knots, shaped into the likeness of bunches of flowers. Being fascinated by flowers since young, the Flora theme provides a vast amount of inspirations and design ideas. I am already planning my next collection!

Brocade bouquet Green (18-BQ3)

$ 23.00 each, $42 per pair

- olive green satin rope
- 6-loop brocade knot (x3)

- clover knot (x1)

- button knot (x1)
- asymmetrical
- swarovski crystal bead (x2)
- size approx L(9cm) x (4cm)

Brocade bouquet Yellow (18-BQ1)

$ 23.00 each, $42 per pair

- yellow satin rope
- 6-loop brocade knot (x3)
- clover knot (x1)
- asymmetrical
- swarovski crystal beads (x3)
- size approx L(11cm)
 x (4.5cm)

Brocade bouquet Black (18-BQ2)

$ 27.00 each, $49.50 per pair

- black satin rope
- 6-loop brocade knot (x3)
- asymmetrical
- swarovski crystal, 1.3 x 1cm yellow teardrop (x1)
- size approx L(8.5cm)
 x (5cm)

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Clover collection 三叶草系列

The Clover collection comprises of a series of symmetrical and asymmetrical knots, shaped into the likeness of bunches of flowers, objects and symbols. Named for its resemblance to the Clover leaf, this knot is used as a symbol of good luck for the wearer. It's compact presentation, versatile looping techniques and symbolism made it the obvious choice for complex depictions of Chinese characters.

Clover wrapped bouquet (19-CQ1)

$ 28.00 each, $50.00 per pair

- satin rope (up to 5 shades)
- clover knot (x5)
- Swarovski stick-on crystals (x2)
- size approx L(7cm)
 x B(4.5cm)

Clover crown (18-CC1)

$ 32.00 each, $60 per pair

- dark pink satin rope
- clover knot (x7)
- button knot (x1)
- symmetrical
- swarovski crystal beads (x1)
- swarovski crystal stick-on (x3

- size approx L(5.5cm) x (5cm)

Clover QT (18-CQ1)

$ 38.00 each, $70 per pair

- blue satin rope
- clover knot (x4)
- symmetrical
- swarovski crystal, 3 x 2cm black oval (x1)
- size approx L(3.5cm)
 x B(4.5cm)

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Mix Match
Mix and Match 

Some occasions call for small handmade gifts.

  • You need to buy gifts for a lot of people and do not want to break the bank.

  • You want to buy gifts for a couple of friends but have a small budget.

  • It feels better to give multiple small gifts than one bigger gift. 

  • Though small, your gifts must still be meaningful and presentable.

  • The recipient already has 'everything'!

  • Christmas, children's party, gift exchange

Does one or more of the above fit your situation ? If so, here is the right place to be.

Mix-Match 3f12

$5.00 each, 3 for $12.00

Why settle for one when you can have a variety ? Already planning to get one or two as gifts, why not top up a little and get another for yourself ?

  • Bookmark

  • Bracelet

  • Brooch pin

  • Choker necklace

  • Hair clip

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