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About this knot,

its origins, cultures, adaptations and more.

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The Clover knot is named for its resemblance to the Clover leaf. Like its namesake, this knot is used as a symbol of good luck. Its compact presentation, versatile looping techniques and symbolism makes it the obvious choice for complex depictions of the English alphabets, Chinese characters, logos and anagrams.


Many cultures have their own version of the Clover knot. 

- Celtic Flower knots may look similar with the 3 loops representing the 3 leaves, but the centre of the knot is slightly different.

- Japanese Kichomusubi knot is exactly like the Chinese version, even the steps are the same.

- Korean Ginger knot also presents the same, but the steps are a little different. 




Look for different ways to use things, and here are some ideas of Clover knots with a difference.

Chinese characters like wedding 囍, blessings 吉, longevity 寿.

English alphabet and numbers.

Use them on skirts and t-shirts as embellishments.

Add them to bags, pouches and pencil-cases.

Sew them on cushions, pillow cases and sofas.

Decorative plant-hanger.

Be inspired. Be creative. Be bold. 

Join my workshops to learn the basic knot, bring back the know-how for your own creations. 

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