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About this knot,

its origins, cultures, adaptations and more.

Brocade knot (Loops and Intersections).p


The Brocade knot represents Unity and is my favourite knot. Its central knot is firm and tight, rendering its loops freedom to be depicted as flora parts or fauna appendages. 


Many cultures have their own version of the Brocade knot. Surprisingly, both the Japanese and Korean calls it the Plum knot.

- Japanese Ume musubi have a slightly different way of tying, but the end result is the same.

- Korean Plum maedup method of tying and final presentation are the same.




Look for different ways to use things, and here are some ideas of Brocade knots with a difference.

Flowers in a cluster.

Insects like butterflies and dragonflies.

Use them on skirts and t-shirts as embellishments.

Add them to bags, pouches and pencil-cases.

Sew them on cushions, pillow cases and sofas.

Glue them on gift boxes, makeup boxes and candy boxes.

Be inspired. Be creative. Be bold. 

Join my workshops to learn the basic knot, bring back the know-how for your own creations. 

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