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Celtic knots

About Celtic knots,
its origins, cultures, adaptations and more.

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In the olden days, the Chinese Button knot was mainly used on traditional Cheong-sam dresses as a button, hence its name. It is very useful as a starting or ending knot as it retains its shape well, so it is also referred to as a stopper or knob. The Shanghai version is call Pan-kou 盘扣, and the patterns are made by quilling fabric strips. Have you heard of paper quilling? The Pan-kou is a combination of fabric knotting and fabric quilling. Sometimes, cotton wool is stuffed inside the strips to create a 3D effect.


Many cultures have their own version of the Button knot. 

- Celtic Diamond knots are sometimes flat, and look like the common buttons we see on shirts and blouses. It can also be pulled into a ball.

- Korean Lotus knots have slightly different tying steps, but will also result in a ball-like structure.

- Japanese Shaka knots are identical to the Chinese Button knots.

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Look for different ways to use things, and here are some ideas of Button knots with a difference.

Combine Button knots with Lucky knots and turn them into a button set.

Put in a bead and wear them as a necklace.

Use them on skirts and t-shirts as embellishments.

Add them to bags, pouches and pencil-cases.

Sew them on cushions, pillow cases and sofas.

Glue them on gift boxes, makeup boxes and candy boxes.

Be inspired. Be creative. Be bold. 

Join my workshops to learn the basic knot, bring back the know-how for your own creations. 

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